Historisches Seminar



Studying History at LMU

historicum1_200x133We are happy that you have chosen the LMU Department of History for your study abroad. The following information is meant to help you organize your studies at our department.



Introductory Meeting

  • At the beginning of each semester, we offer an informational event designed to assist all newly arrived visiting students.


Course Catalogue and Registration

  • You will find the current course catalogue available online. Usually the catalogue for the coming semester is posted in early July (Winter Semester) and early February (Summer Semester).
  • Should you wish to enrol in a class, contact the instructor by e-mail.


Course Selection

  • We particularly recommend that you attend lecture courses (Vorlesungen) and exercise course (Übungen).
  • Depending on your level of study and knowledge of German, it may be possible to attend advanced courses, known as Vertiefungskurse at the BA level and Aufbaukurse at the MA level. These courses require a great amount of work.
  • Basic courses (Basiskurse) are designed particularly for those students who are just starting their university studies. Therefore, these courses are usually reserved for regularly enrolled students; visiting students may attend them only in exceptional cases.

ECTS Credit Points

You can only earn ECTS points if you take the tests required by the course you have enrolled in.

  • Lectures: 3 ECTS (written or oral exam; written exams are not graded for regularly enrolled students. Please inform your instructor if you need a grade.)
  • Tutorial seminars: 3 ETCS (oral class presentation or essay); alternatively: 6 ETCS (oral class presentation and term paper)
  • Advanced courses: 12 ECTS (oral class presentation and term paper)
  • (Basic courses: 9 ECTS: oral class presentation and term paper)

Registration for Exams

  • Please enter the courses that you attend in your LSF-course schedule. This then registers you for exams.
  • The official registration for exams during the semester (Prüfungsanmeldung) is not relevant for visiting students.



Further Information

  • The contact person for foreign students at the Department of History: Dr. Daniel Mollenhauer
  • Office hours during the semester: Thursday, 10 am – 12 noon, Historicum, Room K 213